Friday, 18 May 2007

Vision casting

Well, after missing (completely forgetting about) last week's meeting with the careers advisor, I managed to be organised enough this time around. We talked about my life so far, and the jobs I'd had, and then he talked about the sort of possiblities that might be open to me with the experience I have had so far. He's worked with the biggest and the best, so his horizons are much larger than mine have ever been, and when he started talking about how I could be Chief Technology Officer at British Telecom, I wanted to shout "Whoa Nelly - this is me we're talking about, not some ubermench".

But that is one of his things, that many people (and especially Christians) tend to sell themselves short all the time, by not daring to imagine what might be end up settling for something merely "acceptable" in the name of humility. I know that I do this all the time - "I'm not good enough for this, that or the next thing" - and I think working with Tim will be good for me in that area for certain. I just hope that I have the time before we head home to work through my assorted issues...

I have homework to do which I haven't started yet, so perhaps I had better do so?