Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Starting all over again...

And so the journey begins again...

We spoke in counselling last night about the feeling of being stuck in a place, of not feeling able to move forward in my grief, of still being in this place of non-specific anger and irritability with the world that I was two weeks ago. We then spoke about how being stuck can be a self-protective measure, as allowing yourself to get stuck in a comfortable place (or more comfortable than some of the alternatives) means that you no longer need risk facing the pain, anger, grief, whatever that moving on might mean you have to face. But all this is marvelously vague, and I need a little more direction, so I'm to start at the beginning again.

When Zoe died, Nicole took it very hard, and while I was able to grieve with her to a point, I also took on the role of protective husband, provider of needs. This was, perhaps, a necessary thing, to allow Nicole the time and space to grieve as she needed to without worrying about mundane details like where food was coming from. Necessary for me too, a protective measure from the intensity of the emotion of those first few days. And it has served its purpose - Nicole has, with the help of wonderful friends in both growth-groups, fellow bloggers and the denizens of the SANDS forum, been able to process much of the grief and anger and is taking steps down the road to wholeness again. I have remained in my role of protector and provider, which does not allow much space for my own grieving - I have not demanded it, nor, if I'm honest, even sought it terribly hard, once again a way of protecting myself. And yet, as Ali pointed out, in the long term, what is now a protection, will ultimately be the death of me, what I pass of as gallant and heroic, will one day destroy that which I hope to save - to be the husband and father that I desire to be, I must care for and nurture myself as much as I do those I love.

So I go back to the beginning - to try and relive (to some measure or other) the days after Zoe was taken away, the feelings and emotions, the stresses and anxieties. Much of this won't be published here, but I hope to be able to post some of what I learn, if nothing else.

Wish me luck


Lorna (see through faith) said...

Hi. It's good you create your own space to grieve because you do need it, but also need to find your own way to do it.

Your precious daughter was ripped from your life before you really got to know her. And it's not fair and is not right -and while it's true that God DOES have good plans for your life, this isn't what you expected at all.

I only found out today that you have a blog of your own.

I'm not sure when it is that you are moving back to SA - earlier than I get to the UK I fear - which means that I haven't got to meet you :(

"I just want it to be over" - its sad - because your time in England was a whole bag of things, and in time you'll be able to look back at both the good and the awful.

be blessed !

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

Hi Lorna

We fly out on the 5th July - anytime you or your family feel like visiting sunny Cape Town, you would be more than welcome!! Having said that, we are going to be going home in the middle of winter, and they have been having some serious storms of late!!